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"Rota dos Cetáceos" is a company directed to the observation of dolphins and whales in Madeira. Our clients are always accompanied by our marine biologists team. Before each trip there is a short introduction, then the adventure, starts! We have lookouts on land who guide us to the animals, in boats fully equipped for observing wild dolphins and whales.

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Whale & Dolphin Watching


49.50€ normal price
44.75€ best price online

Children 6 to 11 years

34.50€ normal price
32.77€ best price online

Children up to 5 years - Free

Swimming with Dolphins


65.00€ normal price
61.75€ best price online

Children 6 to 11 years

43.00€ normal price
40.85€ best price online

We guarantee you see cetaceans!

If not, we promise you a second trip, absolutely free!

If you have a taste for adventure you can swim with the dolphins accompanied by our experienced guides who will assist everyone in the water, or just enjoy watching them and the migrating whales and sometimes some turtles.

It is an unforgettable experience for you, your family and friends!


From whaling to conservation "Rota dos Cetáceos" is the natural evolution of "Reis" family, long connected to the sea. It started with whaling between 1940 and 1981 and it is presently involved in wild cetacean conservation through ecotourism.

"Rota dos Cetáceos" is an example of benign and sustainable use of marine resources, contributing to their conservation. We belive that knowledge is essential and therefore in everything we do the ecological message comes across strongly. We follow the Voluntary Viewwing Guidelines for whales and dolphins in the Madeira archipelago to offer our clients a quality experience, observing the natural behaviour of cetaceans and respecting them.

The origin of life on Earth is the oceans and the future too.

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Whale & Dolphin Watching

Swimming with Dolphins